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What is FES?

faqFes is an active rehabilitation technique aimed at stimulating the motor nerves and causing paralysed muscles to contract by sending a sequence of electrical impulses functionally useful in performing complex motor tasks. PEGASO uses FES to generate a movement pattern for both the arms and legs, allowing the paralysed muscles to perform a complete exercise.

PEGASO is a revolutionary instrument of this kind, integrating the effect of a cycle-ergometer and an arm-ergometer in a single device. Its locking bar structure means that it is possible to move between the various possible configurations with ease and in all safety.

Furthermore, the electrical stimulator with 6 independent channels, each with a capacity of 200 mA, guarantees all the power required to contract the thigh and gluteal muscles without jeopardising the necessary safety, which is guaranteed by our respect of the latest standards dictated by the European Community.


What is a motorised cycle-ergometer?

A cycle-ergometer is a technologically advanced exercise bicycle that, in addition to allowing pedal movement and the possibility of regulating resistance for cardio-pulmonary exercise, can also keep under control and measure accurately the kinematic and dynamic parameters of movement such as pedal speed, power exercised by the muscles, and the virtual distance covered.

The PEGASO cycle-ergometer has an innovative mechanism that through a simple action transforms it into an arm-ergometer, so that the same exercise can also be carried out by the arms.

The PEGASO cycle-ergometer is also motorised, so that patients with reduced or no mobility may perform the movement.

In addition, perfect integration with the electro-stimulator means that authentic active exercise can be performed with the paralysed or paretic muscles, carrying out movements activated or facilitated by functional electrical stimulation.

The perfect integration between electrical stimulation and the motor is essential to guarantee complete independence in carrying out the exercise, which can be practised with no need of a another person’s assistance.

The PEGASO controller automatically regulates the intensity of electrical stimulation throughout the therapeutic session and consequently the work carried out by the muscles, also regulating the help or resistance the motor opposes to the pedals to optimise the exercise for any pathology and training regime.

The result is a full rehabilitation of the skeletal muscle system, increasing the contractile capacity and volume of the muscles, reducing osteoporosis and improving the range of articular movement, as well as providing important benefits for the whole body, improving peripheral circulation and cardio-pulmonary conditioning, with beneficial effects also on the immune system and on the functioning of the bladder and bowel.


What is the difference between active and passive rehabilitation?

PEGASO can be set to either active or passive exercise, and the 2 modes can be combined within a single therapeutic or training session. Passive exercise is configured when the arms or legs are moved mechanically without activation of the muscles by the PEGASO motor. In this case the main benefits are related to a reduced occurrence of spasms, an increased articular range, a reduced insurgence of contractures, and lastly, an improved functioning of the bladder and bowel.

Active exercise occurs when the paralysed or paretic muscles carry out movements activated or completed by using FES or, when applicable, by the subject’s voluntary control. The perfect integration of electrical stimulation and the motor in active exercise is essential to guaranteeing the full independence of the execution of the exercise, which can hence be carried out without the help of another person, and the regulation of the intensity of the work performed, increasing both the contractile capacity and volume of the muscles, peripheral circulation, and cardio-pulmonary conditioning, with beneficial effects for the immune system and the functioning of the bladder and bowel.


How can Pegaso help me?

Physical activity performed using the safe and scientifically tested PEGASO is effective for both the upper and lower limbs, considerably improving your rehabilitation or simply allowing you to train.

PEGASO, thanks to the active and passive modes made possible by integrating an advanced electronically controlled motorised mechanical system and functional electrical stimulation, enables you to achieve results that are not guaranteed by conventional therapies alone:

  • increased muscle mass and strength
  • prevention of atrophy of the muscles due to disuse
  • improved range of movement and circulation.

The result is an overall functional improvement essential to your wellness!