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partnership_2Biotech focuses on the continuous development of its products so that they always meet the needs and fulfil the requirements of medical personnel working in the world of rehabilitation.

Consequently, Biotech actively works together with some of the main Italian Hospitals and IRCCS (Medical Research Hospitals), in particular with:

A partnership has also been initiated with BTS Bioengineering, a company engaged in developing technological solutions to improve analysis, supporting diagnosis, and making therapy in the clinical setting more effective. This partnership has led to the integration of two products from the two companies. The Pegaso Clinic for the lower limbs, in its configuration for bedside use, has become an accessory that can be used with the ANYMOV bed developed by BTS, reducing the length of the rehabilitation process and hence of the time employed to recover movement.

A line of electrical stimulators that can be integrated with other medical devices is being developed together with Reha Technology.