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What is it?

completa-retroPegaso is a motorized cycle ergometer with functional electrical stimulation (FES), which allows to carry out assisted physical activity and is aimed at supporting individuals with motor problems or deficits.

Pegaso has been tested and has obtained all necessary certifications and homologations for the rehabilitation of both the lower and upper limbs, and hence allows to follow therapeutic paths for the recovery of the functionalities of the entire organism in full safety.

Pegaso can be adapted to the needs of all types of patient, because it can be used for both active and passive modes of training. Indeed, it features an electrical control system capable of recognizing a subject’s level of muscular effort and relating it to other available information, which makes it able to supply the level of exercise that best adapts to a patient’s physical condition.

Pegaso, therefore, by combining the experience of medical staff, passive exercise and muscular stimulation, guarantees a constant and precise therapy, maximizing the result of the rehabilitative path and reducing recovery times.

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