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Who it’s aimed for

Pegaso is aimed at all subjects with motor deficits, whether permanent or temporary.

A correct rehabilitation therapy makes it possible not only to recover from critical aspects related to difficulties or impossibility of movement, to lack of muscular tone and poor articular mobility, but also helps to improve individual psycho-physical well-being. Pegaso, therefore, is aimed at subjects suffering from the following pathologies:

  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia from spinal cord lesions
  • Hemiplegia due to stroke or cerebral trauma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Infantile cerebral palsy
  • Muscular deficits (intact peripheral neuron)

as well as to all those in need of post-operative neuromotor therapy or geriatric rehabilitation.

According to their special needs, individuals may choose between two solutions:

  • Home use by purchasing/hiring a Pegaso. Recommended for those who need long-term therapy, as this solution makes the use of the device flexible and does not involve the inconvenience of travel.
  • Rehabilitation centre use. Recommended for people with temporary motor deficits.

Furthermore, Rehabilitation Centres can improve their offer of therapeutic services thanks to Pegaso, integrating the specialised support they offer their patients and guaranteeing in this way a more personalised, constant, and effective assistance.