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Pegaso Clinic

Developed for professional use, Pegaso Clinic is a cycle ergometer motorised with FES that can be used for the rehabilitation of both upper and lower limbs.

To adapt to a patient’s neuro-motor condition, Pegaso Clinic can be used as follows:

  • with the motor set to assistance or resistance;
  • with or without FES;
  • from the specially designed seat or from a wheelchair.

Pegaso Clinic features all characteristics useful for identifying the most appropriate therapy for each patient:

  • it has a variable pedal radius, an adjustable pedal height, and a parallel rotation of the hand-pieces;
  • it is possible to set the length of a session, the resistive torque, the length of the warm-up, the main activity and cool-down phases, the speed in each phase and the amplitude and duration of the stimulation impulse.

Furthermore, the integrated patient record allows to memorise all the settings of each individual patient’s therapies and can be activated immediately without having to reset at each new session.

At the end of each session, Pegaso shows the results on the 8.4 inch touch screen, results that can then be compared to those of the previous sessions.

The exportable patient record (via a USB memory stick) makes it possible to analyse the session data, the parameters and results, even on a normal PC.

Thanks to the adjustability of its pedals and seats, Pegaso Clinic is suitable for patients between 120 and 200 cm in height.

In addition, Pegaso presents a series of safety systems, ranging from a spasm detection system to sensors detecting the detachment of the electrodes, as well as an attachment system for use from a wheelchair.

Pegaso Clinic is available in two versions:

  • Pegaso Clinic lower limbs
  • Pegaso Clinic upper and lower limbs

both with or without an adjustable seat.

Pegaso Clinic upper and lower limbs can also be used from typical hospital beds with removable rails.

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