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Pegaso Home

With Pegaso home you can follow your therapy directly from home, whenever you want and is most convenient for you. No driving, no-one needing to accompany you, no fixed schedules.

You can benefit from longer sessions or several sessions in one day. You can use it with the specially developed Pegaso seat or, if necessary, directly from your wheelchair.

See your doctor or physiotherapist. They will save the therapy to your USB memory which you can then insert into your Pegaso at home and start.

Want to know how the therapy is going? See the day’s results or those for the whole month on your touch screen. Alternatively, save the results to your USB stick and email them to your doctor, who will then tell you how the therapy is progressing and modify it if necessary.

Pegaso is available in two versions:

  • Pegaso Home Legs
  • Pegaso Home Arms and Legs

If you wish, on both models you can add the adjustable seat that adapts to your height.

If you want to test Pegaso, call us and fix an appointment in the centre closest to you, or we can visit you for a demonstration.

Don’t forget that you can always choose between purchasing or renting the product (for various durations) with the formula best suited to you and your needs.

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